My author's course on photography

Photo study

Hello! My name is Masha. 

I’ve been photographing for more than 10 years, now I live in Montenegro. By popular demand, I prepared my own course on photography. There are thousands of different online schools on the Internet now, but they are all aimed at streaming learning. Often a bot answers you, not a living person. 

Studying with me, you gain knowledge, backed up by my practical experience. In a month we will go through all the basics, analyze all the questions you are interested in, understand the mistakes and learn how to take photos that you can be proud of.

Learning the basics of photography in 10 lessons.

Simple and clear language.

Photo study

By registering for the course you will learn:

Photo study

How to choose a camera and lens? What settings to use?

Photo study

How to prepare for shooting and work with the model in the frame. See the light and composition.

Photo study

Homework, analysis of your work and tips on how to make them more professional

Photo study

Secrets and life hacks from personal experience. Live broadcasts and chat support.

Who is this course for?

«Do you want to take cool photos of your children?» 

«Do you want to bring beautiful and high-quality photographs from travel?» 

«Do you want to make your Instagram more colorful?» 

«Do you want to become a photographer, but don’t know where to start?» 

«Have you studied photos, but didn't understand anything?

Then this course is for you!

Photo study

How is the training


10 video lessons per recording (2 lessons per week) — watch at any convenient time.


7 practical tasks with checking and parsing errors. Two live broadcasts with answers to questions and comments on the work of students.

Chat for any questions

Chat support and answers to your questions.

Photo study

How to get on the course

To learn more and register for the course, write to me at


+382 67 438 562

or use the form

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