Talici Hill Villa: A Historic Retreat

Historical Legacy

The Villa dates back to the 17th century, offering a rich narrative of history. The Čakalović family, the proud owners, have painstakingly renovated it, preserving the traditional architecture. The handcrafted furniture from local wood and the use of local stone in the renovation tell stories of the land it stands upon.

Luxurious Accommodations

The villa offers seven luxurious suites to accommodate up to 18 guests, making it a cozy retreat for close-knit wedding parties. Each room reflects the traditional aesthetic with modern comforts - stone walls, wood-paneled ceilings, underfloor heating, and air conditioning ensure a comfortable stay.

Outdoor Splendor

The outdoor space is a crowning glory of the Villa, with a private infinity pool offering a refreshing escape with a view. The 7,000 sq.m garden, rich with olive groves and Mediterranean vegetation, is meticulously groomed for exquisite events. The villa’s interiors and exteriors together create a serene ambiance, encapsulating the authentic Mediterranean spirit.

Event Hosting

Hosting events is a breeze with the villa's provisions. With a capacity to accommodate up to 250 guests, the villa is an ideal locale for grand celebrations or intimate gatherings. It also provides a 100m2 event room and BBQ facilities, ensuring every event is catered to with finesse.

Talici Hill Villa: Wedding Venue in Montenegro

Wedding Wonderland at Talici Hill: Your Dream Venue

A villa wedding is always a great choice. It offers an intimate and luxurious setting, ensuring privacy, stunning scenery, flexible spaces, customization options, accommodations, and unforgettable memories. Choose a wedding venue for a magical wedding experience.

Picturesque Ceremony Spots

Talici Hill Villa offers multiple picturesque spots to host wedding ceremonies and banquets. Whether it's a ceremony with the Adriatic Sea as the backdrop or a banquet under the stars amidst the olive groves, the villa provides a canvas to paint your dream wedding.

Bespoke Wedding Services

The villa offers a range of bespoke wedding services, including the expertise of a wedding planner, a talented wedding photographer and videographer, to ease the planning process. Whether it's setting up the decor, managing the catering or orchestrating the events on the wedding day, the staff at Talici Hill are dedicated to making every moment count.

Venue Spaces

Various areas of the villa cater to different parts of the celebration - the lawn area under the pool can host up to 300 guests, making it a perfect spot for a grand banquet. The villa front accommodates up to 50 guests, and the pool area can hold an additional 50 guests, making it a total of 100, ideal for a cocktail evening or a close-knit celebration.

Venue Capacities

Venue Area Capacity
Villa Front Up to 50 guests
Swimming Pool Area Additional 50 guests, total of 100
Lawn Area under the Pool Up to 300 guests
Ceremony / Reception - Lawn Area, Sea View Point, Olive Groves Varies

Average Cost of a Wedding in Montenegro

Montenegro offers an exquisite alternative to an Italian villa wedding, and one of its attractive features is the average cost of a wedding in Montenegro. Compared to many other destination wedding locations, Montenegro can provide a more budget-friendly option while still offering all the charm and beauty you desire for your special day.

Pricing and Booking

The pricing for hosting a wedding at Talici Hill Villa starts from €5,000. The villa requires a minimum booking of three nights, which can extend to five days during May to October, and seven days in August. The nightly rates in 2024 start from 1300 EUR but soar to 2200 EUR per night in the peak months of July and August.

2024 Rates

Month Price Minimum Stay (days) Preparation Time
May €1,300 5 1
June €1,800 5 1
July €2,200 5 1
August €2,200 5 1
September €1,800 5 1
October €1,300 5 1
November - May 01 €1000 2 5

Talici Hill Villa isn’t just a wedding venue; it's a doorway to a unique Montenegrin experience blending tradition with luxury, making the journey of love even more enchanting.

Talici Hill Villa: Wedding Venue in Montenegro


Talici Hill Villa: Wedding Venue in Montenegro

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Talici Hill Villa: Wedding Venue in Montenegro

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Talici Hill Villa: Wedding Venue in Montenegro

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Talici Hill Villa: Wedding Venue in Montenegro

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