50 Shades of Rain

Rachel and Simon’s Wedding at Bajova Kula, Montenegro, June 2023

June in Montenegro is typically known for stable weather, but 2023 had a surprise in store. On their special day, Rachel and Simon experienced one of the rainiest days of the summer. However, this unexpected twist only added to the unique atmosphere of their wedding.

We captured the moments through photos and videos, starting with Rachel’s preparations — from makeup to heartfelt exchanges of gifts with her bridesmaids, sipping champagne, and the touching moment when her friends saw her in her wedding dress, followed by an equally emotional encounter with Rachel’s father.

The day continued with a visit to the groom’s apartment, filled with a cheerful and lively atmosphere. We managed to seize a break in the rain to take some shots on the terrace with cigars and beer. Afterward, we made our way to the ceremony location, which was conveniently close.

The venue, set in front of a picturesque church with a stunning view of the Bay of Kotor, was graced with a light rain during the ceremony. However, the heartfelt vows exchanged by the couple held everyone’s attention.

Following group photos, we embarked on a photoshoot in Perast and managed to capture some beautiful shots before the heavy rain caught up with us, even in the boat. Meanwhile, the guests had already made their way to Bajova Kula for the reception.

We arrived at Bajova Kula by boat, where the guests enthusiastically welcomed the newlyweds. The restaurant staff, anticipating an improvement in the weather, initially set up for dinner outdoors. While waiting, the toasts began at the bar.

However, as the rain persisted, a decision was made to move the banquet indoors. The staff at Bajova Kula quickly adapted and reorganized the tables under shelter. Guests were able to enjoy their dinner comfortably.

In true wedding fashion, the festivities continued with the cake cutting and lively dancing into the night. Despite the rain, Rachel and Simon’s wedding day was filled with love, joy, and unforgettable memories.



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