Where is National Park Prokletije located?

Prokletije National Park is located in the northeast of Montenegro on the border with Albania. The mountain range straddles the border. Some say that the mountains appear even more beautiful from the Albanian side. However, due to the era of the coronavirus, we did not have the opportunity to travel there. But in 2021, we finally had the chance, and I’d like to say that there is charm on both sides.

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Prokletje National Park in Montenegro

How to get to Prokletije National Park

There are two options. From Podgorica, plan your route using a navigation system to reach Gusinje. The journey from the coast typically takes about 4-5 hours, depending on your starting point and any stops along the way. Your navigation system will provide more precise directions.

1. From Podgorica to Kolasin, you can take the new highway, which costs 3.5 EUR for a standard car. However, if you have the time to enjoy scenic views, consider taking the old, free road that follows the Moraca and Tara river canyons. Near Kolasin, Route 1 leads directly to Andrijevica. Keep in mind that this road is incredibly picturesque but narrow, with poor road quality, so you may need to drive at a slower pace.

I have a wonderful recommendation for a great local restaurant near Kolasin — @konoba_amanet. They serve a true masterpiece of meat cooked under a 'sac' (a traditional method of cooking meat), which is heated over wood. The portions are generous, and the prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended!

Prokletje National Park in Montenegro
Prokletje National Park in Montenegro
Prokletje National Park in Montenegro

2. Route number 2 takes you through Mojkovac and Berane. By the way, near Kolasin, you’ll find another small national park called Biogradska Gora. If you have the time, consider making a brief stop for a short walk there. Route number 2 is three times longer, but the time difference is only 25 minutes.

Prokletje National Park in Montenegro
Prokletje National Park in Montenegro
Prokletje National Park in Montenegro
Prokletje National Park in Montenegro
Prokletje National Park in Montenegro
Prokletje National Park in Montenegro

I have several photos from the road. It’s advisable to drive during daylight hours, as the route is incredibly picturesque, especially if you opt for the free road from Podgorica to Kolasin, which runs alongside the canyons of the Moraca and Tara rivers. 

Almost immediately after reaching Gusinje and turning towards Prokletije, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking mountain peaks. It’s recommended to allocate 3-4 days for your visit here, allowing you to embark on hikes to explore the peaks. Fortunately, there are numerous hiking routes available suitable for various skill levels.

Prokletje National Park in Montenegro

A photoshoot is always a fantastic idea! Montenegro offers a stunning backdrop for capturing beautiful photos, and I can assist in not only capturing the breathtaking scenery but also your emotions. Your photos will serve as lasting memories of your wonderful vacation, and you’ll find yourself revisiting them time and time again.

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Where to stay in Prokletije? 

⭐️ “There is no internet connection available at all, and the Wi-Fi at the hotel is very weak.

⭐️ Several hotels in the area (referred to as 'katunj') offer hut-type accommodations with toilet facilities (sometimes not) and hot showers, along with heating. You can make reservations through booking platforms or contact them via Viber.

⭐️ Among these hotels, only one of them offers a view of the sharp peaks of the mountains — @majakatun, where we stayed.

⭐️ It’s advisable to bring along warm beverages and snacks since there are limited options available on the route. We had scheduled dinners with a choice of two dishes. Please note that our chosen restaurant was closed for regular dining and only open for pre-arranged dinners, possibly due to COVID-19 circumstances. While you can purchase items in Gusinje, it’s worth noting that it’s a predominantly Muslim area where you may not be able to consume alcohol in cafes. In regular times, there are few national restaurants in the vicinity.

⭐️ Be prepared for night temperatures that can be significantly lower than during the daytime. We experienced a temperature drop of 20 degrees.

⭐️ Avoid traveling to Prokletije in rainy weather, as there may be limited activities available.

🍁 The most beautiful time to visit is at the end of September when the forest displays a vibrant array of autumn colors.”

What to do in Prokletije? 

⭐️ “Marvel at the breathtaking views of nature and relish the tranquility. 

⭐️ Embark on a leisurely walk within the park. 

⭐️ Consider hiring a guide to explore and reach various mountain peaks. There are routes suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers, and many trails are well-marked. 

⭐️ Take time for meditation, reading a book, or introspection. 

What to see in Prokletije? 

⭐️ The Grlya waterfall. The best time to visit is during spring when the snow and glaciers in the mountains melt, allowing the waterfall to showcase its full grandeur. In summer, the waterfall often dries up.

⭐️ Valley Grebae — The very same valley from which all my photos were taken.

⭐️ Savino Oko (Oko Skakavice) — a small pond with turquoise water gushing up from beneath the ground.

When is the best time to go to Prokletije? 

Summer and autumn are the ideal months to visit. In winter, access may be restricted due to heavy snowfall. Given the high altitude, snow tends to linger here, so even in June, the mountains can be blanketed in snow.

And finally our first hiking in this Mountains

It was challenging, especially if you spent 2 months at home near a computer without much physical activity (only wedding photography, haha). The owner of our camp provided us with guidance on where to go, and we followed their recommendations. All the routes are well-marked with red and white circles, making it easy to navigate and find your way.

Rules for hiking in Prokletija Mountains

  1. Comfortable shoes
  2. Sunscreen SPF 50
  3. Take enough water — minimum 1L per person
  4. Look at route marks
  5. Be aware of snakes
  6. Charge your phone and camera
  7. Don''t take many things with you, every kg matters


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Prokletje National Park in Montenegro

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