National Park Prokletje in Montenegro

In the north-east of Montenegro, on the border with Albania, there is one of the most beautiful national parks — Prokletije.

Where is National Park Prokletije located in Montenegro?

Prokletije National Park is located in the north-east of Montenegro on the border with Albania. The mountains range stands right on the border. People say that the mountains look more beautiful from the Albanian side. But in the era of the coronavirus, we have not yet had the opportunity to travel there. But in 2021 we did it and I''s like to say that there is charm from both sides.

Look my REELS from the last trip — July 2022

National Park Prokletje in Montenegro

How to get to Prokletije National Park

There are two options.

From Podgorica, build a route on your navigator to Gusinje. The road from the coast will take about 4-5 hours. It depends on from what city you will go and where you will stop. The navigator will tell you more precisely. 

1. From Podgorica to Kolasin you can go by new highway, the price for the simple car is 3,5 EUR. But if you have time to enjoy views than go by old free road that goes along the canyon of the Moraca and Tara rivers. Near Kolasin route number 1 goes straight to Andrijevica. This road is very beautiful but it is narrow serpentine of poor quality so you will drive slow.

I have a wonderful recommendation of great national restaurant near Kolasin — @konoba_amanet. There is simply masterpiece meat under a sach (national way to cook meet), which will be heated on the wood for you. The portions are huge and the prices are low. From the heart

National Park Prokletje in Montenegro
National Park Prokletje in Montenegro
National Park Prokletje in Montenegro

2. Route number 2 is the road through Mojkovac and Berane. By the way, near Kolasin there is another small national park — Biogradska Gora. If you have time, just drop by for a short walk. Route number 2 is three times longer, but only 25 minutes difference.

National Park Prokletje in Montenegro
National Park Prokletje in Montenegro
National Park Prokletje in Montenegro
National Park Prokletje in Montenegro
National Park Prokletje in Montenegro
National Park Prokletje in Montenegro

Several photos from the road. It is better to drive during daylight hours, the road is very picturesque, especially if you choose free road from Podgorica to Kolashin that goes along the canyon of the Moraca and Tara rivers.

Almost immediately after Gusinje, turning towards Prokletije, you will see amazing mountain peaks. It is better to take 3-4 days to come here and go hiking to the peaks. Fortunately, there are a lot of routes for any levels.

National Park Prokletje in Montenegro

A photoshoot is always a great idea! Montenegro was created for beautiful photos, and I will help to capture not only the views, but also your emotions. You will watch your photos over and over again and remember your wonderful vacation.

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Where to stay in Prokletije Montenegro? 

⭐️ There is no connection at all. Only a weak wifi at the hotel. Very weak. 

⭐️There are several hotels (here they are called katunj) with hut-type houses with a toilet (sometimes not) and a hot shower, there is a heater. You can book through booking or find and contact via Viber. 

⭐️ Only one of them has a view of the sharp peaks of the mountains — @majakatun — here we stopped. 

⭐️ It is better to take warming drinks and snacks with you, there is nothing in the pit. We had dinner on a schedule with a choice of 2 dishes. Although our restaurant was closed, it was only open for a pre-arranged dinner. Rather, it is the circumstances of the covid-19. You can go to Gusinje and buy something, but this is the Muslim part, so you won’t be able to drink alcohol in a cafe. In normal time there are few national restaurants.

⭐️Prepare for night temperatures that could be much lower than the daytime. Our drop was 20 degrees. 

⭐️Do not go to Prokletije in raining weather, there is nothing to do there absolutely. 

🍁The most beautiful time is the end of September, when the forest burns with all the shades of autumn.

What to do in Prokletije? 

⭐️ Enjoy crazy views of nature and solitude

⭐️ Take a walk in the park

⭐️ Take a guide and reach several mountain peaks. There are different routes for beginners and experts. Some routes are Ok without guide — all routes are marked.

⭐️Meditate, read a book, retire with thoughts 

What to see in Prokletije? 

⭐️ The Grlya waterfall. The best time to visit — spring, when the snow and glaciers in the mountains melt, and the waterfall can be seen in all its might. In summer, the waterfall often dries up. 

⭐️ Valley Grebae — The same valley from which all my photos.

⭐️ Savino Oko (Oko Skakavice) — a small pond with turquoise water gushing from under the ground

When is the best time to go to Prokletije? 

Summer and autumn months. In winter, you may not get here due to snowfalls. Due to the high location, the snow melts here late, so in June the mountains are covered with snow.

And finally our first hiking in this Mountains

It was hard. Especially if you spent 2 month near computer at home without sport (only wedding shootings haha). 

Owner of our camp said us where to go and so we went. All routes are marked with marks — red and white circle. So you can easily understand the right way. 

Rules for hiking in Prokletija Mountains

  1. Comfortable shoes
  2. Sunscreen SPF 50
  3. Take enough water — minimum 1L per person
  4. Look at route marks
  5. Be aware of snakes
  6. Charge your phone and camera
  7. Don''t take many things with you, every kg matters


And more photos


National Park Prokletje in Montenegro

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National Park Prokletje in Montenegro

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National Park Prokletje in Montenegro

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