Small trip to the biggest beach in Montenegro

Our small trip to the longest beach in Montenegro.And it is really endless long. In march there is no one on the beach bacause of low season. 

If you abstract, you can imagine that you are in Bali. The sand is dark, as if volcanic, or maybe it is. Wind, waves. And if you do not look back, you seem to be standing on the shore of the ocean. We found an ideal place for summer camping. And I can not wait for summer, to get tent and sleeping bag, and to come here under the pines. Breathe the delicious air and listen waves.

Velika Plaza in Montenegro
Velika Plaza in Montenegro
Velika Plaza in Montenegro
Velika Plaza in Montenegro

Because of the frequent strong wind, wind surfing is developed here. 

In the summer, the whole coast is occupied by campings, umbrellas and sun loungers. 

At the end of this beach there is a place - Ada Bayana - by the name of the river, which separates Montenegro from Albania. In this place are the best fish restaurants in Montenegro. 

Velika Plaza in Montenegro
Velika Plaza in Montenegro
Velika Plaza in Montenegro
Velika Plaza in Montenegro

If you want to visit this place, then just look also the old town of Ulcinj. It stands on a precipice over the sea and, as an old town in Budva or Kotor, is very cute. 

For travel there it's the best to rent a car. Traffic in Montenegro is not fast, but you need to be careful, sometimes local drivers drive like there is no one else on the road.

Velika Plaza in Montenegro


Budva Old Town

Walking on streets of Old Budva Town

Остров Богородицы на рифе и Остров Святого Георгия в Перасте, Черногория

Два острова напротив Пераста. На одном церковь, другой зовется островом Мертвых. А еще есть две легенды о том, как один из островов возник.

Bali. Place where dreams came truth

Bali will be always special for me. Here there is no useful information about sightseeng. It's just box of memories from our trip in Bali in 2016-2017 like tourists, because now we live in Montenegro.

Burano - rainbow of Italy

Colorful island and city with same name Burano in Italy, in 40 minutes by sea from Venice

Morocco - Merzouga: 2 days in Desert Sahara

2 days from 7 we spent in Morocco in desert Erg-Shebby (Western part of Sahara desert) near the city Ourzazate

Morocco - our 7 days trip in january 2018

Marakesh - Tinghir - Canyon Todra - Merzouga - desert Erg-Shebby - Ourzazate - filmstudio Atlas


Пожалуй, Венеция — это тот город, который узнается на любой его фотографии. Все, что в нем есть — его символ. Могли ли предположить создатели первых домов на сваях в попытке бега от постоянных нападений вестготов, что город превратится в сильную республику, а в нынешнее время будет одним из самых посещаемых туристами мест в мире.

Sunset in Lefkada Greece

Закаты на море всегда шикарные. А этот был просто вне этого мира.

Meteori Greece

Я думала, что такие пейзажи возможны только в Латинской Америке или может на каких-то островах, но я никак не думала, что это может быть где-то в Европе.

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